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Are you feeling the cold of the outside in your home and wallet?

This time of the year we really notice how well the different elements of our home are working! We feel the draft coming in around our window frames and sometimes even through our walls and floors. There are so many parts that play into a well inflated home.

It starts from the ground up whether you have a full basement or just a cellar you need to stop the cold from the ground from entering your home. Then you have your walls that are a sealed insulation pocket that are supposed to keep the cold air from making it's way into your home. They do a good job at it top if they are insulated properly. Then you have to stop the heat that you produce in your home from escaping through your attic. Which happens in to ways through heat rising and transference. Air leaks in the insulation system lose air through the natural heat rising. Also the wood framing in your walls transfers heat into the attic space from your top plates of the upstairs walls being open to the cold air in the attic space. Ducking the heat from your home!!

There are many ways to control these different problem areas. It just takes an insulation professional to walk you through the airsealing and inflating of your home.. I'm open to all questions and coments!!

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