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4 amazing ways to add value to your backyard!!

1. First and foremost the most common way to add value to a backyard is by adding or updating your deck. A deck can add lots of value and make your backyard usable. There are many options for decking but the main 2 are traditional pressure treated decks and composite decks. A composite deck such as a CertainTeed EverNew deck system will last much longer and have a greater return for your investment than a traditional deck.


2. Secondly you can add some hardscapes to your backyard.. stamped concrete patios, sidewalks, stairs and other items can add a whole new look. Stamped concrete is a great option if your trying to build a patio on a budget. Stamped concrete patios start at 66% of the cost of a composite deck and have all the class. With the large assortment of patterns and colors available the possibilities are endless

3. A beautiful new fence can add the privacy or style your family desires. Fences as like decks are also available in traditional and composite as well as vinyl options. A new fence can really compliment your new backyard makeover. The maker of CertainTeed Evernew decks also makes a beautiful fence line that compliment each other. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

4. Last but definitely not least is stonework.. whether it's a stone retaining wall. Or custom built grill or firepit. Stone can add that natural blend of earth and elegance. Finish off you backyard makeover with a beautiful custom stone grill. One all the neighbors will be talking about. They can be made as charcoal or gas grills as well!!

I hope this article helped to lay put a few of the options you have to make your backyard into exactly what you want it to be!!

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